Specialist Door Maintenance


Specialised Door Maintenance with Linton UK

Our expert, certified team members are adept at problem-solving and have experience providing effective solutions for complicated maintenance problems that could create risks for service users.

Door Maintenance Specialists

At Linton UK, our proficient teams will make sure your specialist door maintenance is fully compliant with all required guidelines. Our team is:

  • BM TRADA-certified for installation and maintenance services.
  • CHAS-certified to ensure a high standard of health and safety.
  • Fully enhanced DBS-checked for reassurance in highly secure sectors or where there may be vulnerable patients on-site.

In providing specialist door maintenance, we recognise you may have access limitations, and we are happy to collaborate with you to ensure minimal disruption to your business or facility.

Our specialist door maintenance services

Our experienced teams can offer a full maintenance service for specialist doors, including:

  • Antibarricade mechanism replacement or repairs

It is essential for your anti-barricade mechanism to be well-maintained, ensuring that healthcare patients cannot barricade themselves into a room and prevent staff from entering. Getting your mechanism repaired or replaced will prevent service users from getting themselves into a dangerous situation.

  • Lock replacement or repairs

As one of the most basic doorset safety features, locks need to be working to ensure the security of your company or facility and prevent any unauthorised access. Furthermore, in the healthcare sector, locks can keep patients from leaving their rooms where it would not be safe for them to do so.

  • Door top alarm replacement or repairs

Maintaining door top alarms will minimise the risk of harm, particularly in healthcare facilities. When working properly, the system senses any weight applied to the door’s top and creates an alert. For safety reasons, ensure your door top alarms are operating correctly by engaging with a specialist door maintenance service.

  • Vision panel replacement or repairs

Vision panels make it possible for staff to look inside a patient’s room and assess their well-being on the other side of a closed door, hugely enhancing individuals’ safety as well as looking aesthetically pleasing. We replace and repair fire-rated panels with 30 to 60 minutes of insulation when a fire occurs. 

  • Door closer replacement or repairs

Our closer repairs and replacements ensure that your specialist doors will automatically return to the closed position after the user has opened them. This is particularly crucial for fire doors, which must remain closed at all times.

  • Handle replacement or repairs

Ensuring your door handles are in good condition is integral to ensuring that the door can be opened easily, especially in the event of an emergency.

  • Fire stopping checks

We can also check and survey to ensure the fire stopping is at the required standard, ensuring that the building can slow or stop the spread of fire. These checks will give you peace of mind that your safety is our top priority.

For any specialist fire doors in your property, we offer fire door maintenance with regular checks for continual optimal performance, ensuring your fire doors comply with all the necessary regulations.

If you require the help of one of our door maintenance specialists, please don’t hesitate to contact us today to have a conversation about your requirements. We also offer specialist door installation and fire door installation services.