Specialist Door installation


Specialist Door Installation with Linton UK

We install specialist doors in complex and demanding healthcare settings and secure facilities. Our teams are experienced in working in these kinds of environments and apply a high level of technical skill and professionalism when working amongst complex service users.

Certified Specialist Door Installers

At Linton UK, our experienced teams are fully proficient in the most up-to-date specialist door regulations. We ensure that your specialist door installation fully complies with all necessary regulations. Our team is:

  • BM TRADAcertified for installations (we are able to supply the resulting certifications using our specialist software promptly).
  • CHAS-certified for peace of mind that our health and safety standards are outstanding.
  • Fully enhanced DBS-checked for reassurance in highly secure sectors or where vulnerable patients may be on-site.

    We undertake specialist door installation in various sectors, including significant work in the justice and healthcare sectors. We know that you might have access limitations, so we can operate with you to minimise disruption to your business or facility.

    Where needed, we will also undertake any long-term specialist door maintenance, including the repair and replacement of any parts or ironmongery.

    Our specialist commercial doorsets

    We believe in delivering reliability, compliance, and quality. Hiring one of our door fitting specialists will ensure that your doors are put in place perfectly, giving you the peace of mind that safety and functionality are always the top priority.


    • Sustainable materials

    All our specialist doors have undergone rigorous testing and have been constructed with sustainable, renewable and responsibly managed materials.

    • A high-standard finish

    You can choose from a collection of translucent paints to finish your commercial doorsets to a high standard using our highly advanced paint mixing facility. If none of these stains suits your tastes, more are available upon request – just ask!

    • Anti-ligature solution

    This feature is particularly significant for mental health facilities housing patients focused on self-harm and suicide. Our doors are designed to stop individuals from harming themselves by utilising the door with a ligature. They are smooth, absent of any ligature points, and have tamper-proof hinges, which cannot be utilised as a leverage point.

    •   Anti-barricade locking mechanism

    The locking mechanism ensures that users can lock the door from its exterior side, which can be particularly useful in healthcare settings and justice applications. The door opens into the corridor to stop the patients from barricading themselves into the room and preventing healthcare workers from entering.

    • All-in-one delivery

    Our certified specialist doorsets are factory-finished, meaning your doors can be formed to your precise requirements and put in place with no on-site assembly or finishing. This approach ensures that installation time is kept to a minimum.

    Reach out to our door installers

    Our door fitting specialists aim to improve safety and reduce risk. We supply teams who understand the timing requirements and urgency that can be essential for these types of installs.

    With particular expertise in anti-ligature doors, our team also offers full maintenance services for all specialist doors installed.

    If you require specialist door installation services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to discuss your wants and needs. We also offer fire door installation.