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HMO Fire Door Installation with Linton UK

We install specialist HMO fire doors for houses in multiple occupation, such as student halls of residences and working professional house shares. Our teams are used to operating in houses in multiple occupation and applying a high level of technical expertise to ensure all HMO regulations are met.

A huge part of HMO fire regulations is a fire assessment involving HMO fire doors. These doors need to be fitted for entry points to kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms, and it is your responsibility as a landlord to ensure your tenants have an easy escape route in the event of a fire.

Discover how Linton UK can help you comply with HMO fire door regulations today.


Our Specialist HMO Doors

Here at Linton UK, we take pride in developing fire doors in HMOs with durability, longevity, and compliance in mind. All our HMO fire doors are tested rigorously – our FD30 British-Standard-Certified fire doors even exceeded regulations, showcasing that the safety of residents in your HMO is our number one priority.


  • Sustainable materials

All our specialist HMO doors have been produced with sustainable, renewable, and responsibly managed materials, keeping the environment in mind while being fire-resistant.

  • High-standard finish

Using our highly advanced paint mixing facility, you can choose from our broad selection of paints, stains and translucent coatings to finish your HMO doorsets to a high standard. If none of the standard 200 RAL colours suits your tastes, we can utilise a paint-mixing facility to produce up to 50,000 variations – just ask our team!

  • Self-closing feature

All HMO properties are required to install self-closing fire doors, which should always be kept clear. Our door closers ensure that your HMO fire doors automatically shut when not in use. We provide an assortment of pull and push door closer options that suit various doors, along with customisable power and dimensions.

  • Visible signage

Your fire exits should have visible and relevant signs above them, displaying a green background, a white figure, and the clear label ‘EXIT’.

  • FD30- or FD60-certified

These standards for internal fire doors are developed to remain fireproof for a given period – FD30 fire doors will prevent fire from spreading for half an hour, while FD60 fire doors will prevent fire from spreading for an hour.

  • CE-rated hinges

Installed HMO fire door hinges should have CE and fire identification markings. Fire-rated hinges can resist damage in high temperatures, ensuring the doors fully function as escape routes.

  • Hardware and ironmongery collection

We have a wide range of ironmongery and hardware components with built-in safety features. These include multi-point locks that enable a swift escape during the event of a fire.

  • Fire-rated glazing and warm edge spacers

Our fire door single or double glazing will offer 30 or 60 minutes of insulation in extreme temperatures alongside your fire door. This feature offers additional protection to your property’s residents.


Aside from our HMO fire doors, you should also install fire alarm detection equipment, planned escape routes, and firefighting equipment to meet HMO regulations. For example, approved fire blankets and fire extinguishers are a minimum requirement.


Why Partner with our Certified HMO Fire Door Installers

At Linton UK, our experienced teams are fully proficient in the most up-to-date HMO fire door regulations. We ensure that your installation wholly complies with all needed regulations. Our team is:


Our certified specialist HMO doorsets are factory-finished, meaning your doors can be formed to your precise requirements and put in place without on-site assembly and finishing. This approach ensures that installation time is kept to a minimum. Where required, we will also undertake any long-term specialist door maintenance, including repairing and replacing any specialised components.


Reach Out to Our HMO Door Installers

Our HMO door fitting specialists aim to improve safety and reduce risk in your student halls, professional houseshare, or any other type of HMO. Our experts can understand your timing requirements and work to your deadlines before new tenants move in.
If you require specialist HMO fire door installation or maintenance services from Linton UK, please reach out to us to discuss how we can enhance the safety of the tenants living in your property today.