Anti-Ligature Doors




Specialist Anti-Ligature Doors with Linton UK

We install specialist anti-ligature doors in complex, demanding healthcare settings and secure facilities. Our teams are skilled in operating in these environments and apply high professionalism and technical skills when working in high-security facilities or around potentially vulnerable service users.


Why might you want an anti-ligature door installation?

  • Safety of patients

Anti-ligature doors are typically used in facilities in which patients are at risk of harming themselves – by removing or amending ironmongery that could otherwise provide a ligature point, mental health doors can greatly reduce the risk of self-inflicted harm to those with severe mental illness.

  • Thoughtful design

Our anti-ligature door design has been well thought-out, ensuring they have been built to last whilst providing attractive aesthetics.

  • Staff and visitor peace of mind

Whilst providing patients with safety, anti-ligature doors can also offer security for others, including staff and visitors. The doors enable staff to have rapid access to rooms in emergencies.


Features of our anti-ligature doors

  • Anti-ligature door handle

Our anti-ligature door handles are durable and provide an excellent grip while enhancing service user safety by sloping downwards instead of sticking out.

  • Smooth surface

Our doors are designed to stop individuals from harming themselves by utilising the door with a ligature. They are smooth and absent of any potential ligature points.

  • Tamper-proof hinges

Unlike standard hinges, tamper-proof hinges cannot be used as a leverage point, which prevents self-harm.

  • Locking mechanism

The locking mechanism means a door can be locked from its exterior side. With this anti-barricade design, the door opens into the corridor to prevent patients from barricading themselves inside the room and stopping healthcare workers from getting inside.

  • Force- and fire-tested

All our anti-ligature doors have been tested, ensuring they are durable enough to withstand physical abuse and insulation in the event of a fire.

  • Anti-ligature door alarm

Anti-ligature door alarms help protect patients at risk of suicide or self-harm by identifying ligature attempts and informing staff members quickly so they can intervene.


Certified Anti-Ligature Door Installers & Repairers

At Linton UK, our equipped teams are fully proficient in the most recent specialist door regulations. We make sure that your anti-ligature doorset complies with all obligatory regulations. Our team is:

We install our anti-ligature door solutions in various sectors, including healthcare. We know that you might have access limitations, and we will work with you to minimise any disruption to your facility.

Where required, we will also undertake any long-term maintenance services, including repairing and replacing any parts or ironmongery to ensure your anti-ligature doors are kept up to scratch.



Install your anti-ligature doorset today

Our specialists aim to elevate safety and minimise risk. We supply teams who understand the promptness that can be crucial for these installs.
If you require specialist anti-ligature door services, reach out to us today to start a conversation about how our anti-ligature doors could help support your business or facility.